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need dentures

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help I am 55 years old and just lost my job I am in need of dentures and some extractions

help I am 55 years old and just lost my job I am in need of dentures and some extractions I was in a bicycle accident and fell on the cement I have no money or dental insurance I live in new port richey fla so if there are any dentist in my area that can help I will be willing to volunteer or work for free dental work thank you
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need dentures: I am a single mother who recently lost her mother and is trying to save her father. He has

I am a single mother who recently lost her mother and is trying to save her father. He has to get dentures ASAP or he will have his 3rd heart attack. He is disabled but I cannot find anyone or any program that will help. Please help us. I am keeping the faith and praying to God. I am giving it to God but im not giving up.
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need dentures, Free dental simple extractions: Anyone know of any help for someone who needs all their teeth

Anyone know of any help for someone who needs all their teeth pulled and dentures?
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needs dental help

Hi, i'm 40 years old and i have been having dental problems for a while....I have been trying to get them fixed for years, It is so embarrassing when i go around try to get a job and can't look at that person face because of i don't even wanna go around nobody because of this....I NEED HELP! I'm praying to God that i can get all the bad teeth out my mouth because i have no money to do it....I am a singer, i loves to talk,laugh and have fun but lately i have not been able to do these things because of my dental problems......i pray everyday that i can get some type of help so that i can have a normal life again. People be talkin bout me at times and it just hurts my soul....but, i know that one day God WILL send an Angel to help me out. I have no job,no insurance,no friends, family don't even come around....It's like i live in isolation because of has me depressed and feeling bad all the time....Please can someone help me then at least i can go get me a job or start singing again.....PLEASE! You can email me at

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Immed. Dental Help Needed

To anyone that can help, I am a 53 year old single woman living on a small disability check, $ 674.00 a month to be exact. I live alone , pay rent, utilities,water,phone, gas for my car,toiletries,kitchen supplies, well I could go on and on but you get my point. I pay all of this on that small amount of money every month. My medical insurance is medicaid. Medicaid does not pay for Dental, I get a 30% discount but with the little bit of money I have to live on how do they expect me to afford dental. I have bone degeneration and arthritis in all my joint, My teeth that I have left are very discolored due to many hospital stays and daily intravenous antibiotics. I am missing several teeth mainly on top , only to chew with, cavities showing under the gums on front teeth and throbbing gums, teeth shifting, spaces widening between my teeth, and rotting out. I only have 8 teeth and that just on top, bottom teeth are just rotting out. I have been to the dentist and they won't even clean my teeth, one says I need a deep cleaning but if they do that I will lose my 4 front bottom teeth, but who has the money to pay for that anyway, certainly not me. I have contacted anybody and everybody for help. I've called all the clinics and so on, But even at a low cost clinic it will still cost me at least $ 60.00 per visit. Now refer back to the beginning and see what I have to live on and what I pay monthly. Can anyone tell me where this money is suppose to come from. This is my Dilemma, Because dental is an on going thing over the years, I have decided I just want all my teeth pulled and get dentures, because I will never be able to afford dental. I just want to be done with it. I'm embarrassed and humiliated by my teeth. I won't smile in pictures, I can't have a love life or even date due to my teeth being so unattractive, and I'm an attractive woman. I look at old pictures and see my then great smile and wonder what the heck happened to me. To start off with I married a very abusive man who couldn't keep his hands off of me , PTSD is part of my disability along with depression and afore mentioned bone disease. I have no one to help me and am estranged from my family. I need help so badly , I feel this is my last hope, I have honestly tried everything else, but if you don't have money, you don't have money. I don't have money !!! Can someone please find it in your heart to help me get my smile back ! Thank You for reading and God Bless
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About disabled-lady

I'm disabled and on social security disability, with a fixed income of $849 a month, $600 goes for rent and the rest for utilities. I do receive foodstamps. My teeth/dentures were lost in a house fire, along with alot of my personal beloved belongings. I can't my dentures replaced because the cost is $2500. This is so sad. I'm so depressed. I just can't afford it.

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About kbee

teeth--tooth problems in louisiana! hello, i am a disabled granny-momma. i have a son with 20 plus bones tumors and all of his teeth are horrible, the dr's look in his mouth and say--oh my!!!!!! i feel so bad for him, he is 31 and has a 7 yr old daughter whom we are raising together. i also have the same problems, my teeth!!!!! i am disabled, have all kinds of health related problems, bone disease, severe arithritis, fractures, ruptured disc, nerve damage, etc. my teeth are breaking, have no hard covering over most of them, broken, still breaking, the enamel is off and the pulp is showing, i have to heat icecream, heat any cold liquids and drink through straws, i am consumed to liquids because i can not chew! my son is the same way, we have nothing to chew with. i can type all day about the nasty inside of our mouths, but please we need help!!!! we live on my disability, my son and his baby get food stamps. we have no transportation, but could get a ride if someone some where can help us!!!! i know we both need full ectractions and dentures. we have no teeth to save, they are making us sick daily only adding to our other disabilities. i am so afraid of getting something fatal from the infections, we stay sick constantly because of our teeth.  any help would greatly be appreciated! eagerly awaiting dentures in la, kbee-----please hep take out our horrible,    i don't know what to call them, they are not teeth any longer, how about rotting nightmare!!!

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About craigsdinky

Hello, my name is Brenda. I was recently married on the 8th of Dec. to a wonderful man. I need dentures or implants really bad. I am having trouble obtaining work because my teeth are so bad. I used to brush them 10 times a day, because when I was 5 years old I had it in my head that I needed to do that to keep them nice. I never asked anyone. Eventually I brushed all the enamel off. I had beautiful straight white teeth before this happened. I also drank pepsi and a dentist told me that pepsi automatically decays your teeth where as everything else works with your saliva to create an enzyme to decay your teeth. I have been in tooth pain since I was in my early twenties. Now I am 50. I can not afford to get my teeth done. I want to smile again. I want to smile for my husband. He loves me either way but this would make me so happy and restore confidence and self-esteem. Before God blessed me with this man I was in a 31 year abusive marriage. I have contacted so many people for help. I have helped others my entire life, since I was 5 years old. I was hoping someone out there could bless me. Sincerely Brenda

I also am being led by God to my purpose. I need teeth for that also. I have to be able to get in front of people for the Lord and I need to be able to smile. I have no top teeth left except pieces here and there.

May the Lord guide one of you to use your heart and your skills to help me. You know we reap what we sow. And everything happens with seed, time, and harvest. And the seed can come from the heart. It does not always have to be in the form of a financial tithe. Maybe there is a dentist who wants to do a good thing.

I just do not know where else to turn.

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Starshine   in reply to instacat   on

I'd rather die than live with no teeth!

Hi instacat

There is a place in Bakersfield , it is in my blog

page 6 of my blog , 6th one done called Dentures Affordable

let me know if you have problems locating it.

Cheap and call them to see about payment plans etc

modestneeds look at for assistance

You can work once you feel better?? let me know if you find the link.

can't your family help you money wise to get this done???

look forward to hearing from you



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I'd rather die than live with no teeth!

I am a 49-year-old female, and I have a problem I have been unable to resolve.  I am hoping you can help me.  I need to have all of my teeth pulled.  My teeth are in such bad shape, they are no longer attached to my jaw bone.  I know very well this could kill me; and I regret to tell you that I have been living with this nightmare for at least the past 14 years.
I don't have a job, I have no dental insurance, do not qualify for Medi-Cal, and even though I qualify for some basic assistance from Contra Costa County, they will pull my teeth, but not UNTIL I have "arranged" for my dentures.  
I am in so much pain as a result it is indescribable.  The entire left side of my face is presently swollen, and eating has become very difficult.  I have applied for donated dental programs, written letters to Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, my local Lions club, Kiwanis, my State Senator, Governor Schwarzenegger, and even some local dentists begging for help, or even a direction to follow.  I have even applied for employment with dental offices offering to work for free in order to pay for the new teeth I need.
In my countless hours of internet searching, I have seen mention of some programs offered by State and Federal agencies that provide grants to people like me, who are in need of dental treatment, but have no ability to pay.  I have been unable to find any programs like this; and I wonder if it really exists, and if so, how do I get this help?
My family is urging me to just get the teeth pulled; telling me that "something will turn up."  I have been telling myself this for over 14 years; and I would have never dreamed that after all this time, I would still be dealing with this deadly situation.
I am just not willing to live with no teeth; especially when I know I have no way to remedy this situation.  .
I don't want to give up; but I am out of ideas.

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About smileless


    I am a 57 year old women who in the past 10 years has lost her smile. I used to have a really pretty smile but due to health problems I have lost a lot of my teeth including the front top and one on the bottom. I don't have very much bone left in my mouth and was told I would need dentures. I have around 19 teeth left to be pulled and I would love to get dentures.The work I do is in the public and I know this is havimg an effect on my work skills not to mention my self esteem. I can not afford dental work as I live pay check to paycheck, I need help.Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


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About beware5289


I'm a single mother of 2 and I'm on disabilty, I live in KY. I do have the ky medicaid card and had all my teeth surgically removed. Now the problem is I can't afford dentures and the medicaid card will not cover one penny. I can't even pay all my bills, let alone buy dentures. If there is any help out there please contact me. ASAP I can not eat anything unless it's mushy. I can't talk right, and hate going in public. you can contact me at

any help would brighten up my life

Thank You,

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About Countrygirlmc81

My name is Michelle and I am 27 years old.  I saw my oral surgeon today and he said that I need my remaining 16 teeth extracted and I need to get dentures.  I knew this was coming, as I have had problems with my teeth for a few years.  I had perfect teeth until I turned 24 and fell off of my dad's insurance.  My husband works as an EMT and we have 6 children total, and there is just no way I have been able to afford the root canals that I have needed.  Now I have 5 teeth left on the bottom, and 11 teeth left on the top.  I can't chew my food, so I have to eat soft foods and I stay hungry all the time.  Now I don't know what to do because I found out today that the oral surgeon is charging $2,136.00 the day of surgery, plus my dentures will cost anywhere from $400.00 to $900.00!!!  I am so upset right now I don't know what to do.  We can't even afford all of our bills, how could I even think about this???  I'm miserable because I can't eat.  If anyone can maybe tell me of some ways I might be able to get some assistance with this I would greatly appreciate it.

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About milady48

Does anyone actually respond to the people on here that need help with dental costs?

I just went in for a free consult/xrays and was told it will cost me 4000.00 total for sedation, 15 extractions, and dentures.

I have no insurance, and live on a tight budget with no extra after paying bills and buying groceries. If you're wondering, I spend 135.00/wk for food to feed 4 people so this is not a problem of overspending, things are just very tight.

If anyone knows of a way to get financial help to cover the cost of the dental treatment plan, I would appreciate hearing from you ASAP. Teeth are loose, infection is worrisome, and chewing is next to impossible.

Let me add that the question in my first line

"Does anyone actually respond to the people on here that need help wtih dental costs"

was in no way intended to sound offensive. It is a sincere question, because I have been reading many of the posts for help but I do not see stories about people receiving help.

I will pay every penny off but have to in small payments. The dentists "payment plan" was 2000.00 and 2000.00 in full on the day I come back to get my dentures.


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About JudyMarie


   Eight years ago our world fell apart when my son, my only child commited suicide. Within 2 months my husband, a stone mason, suffered a heart attack. While hospitalized, he was diagnosed with kidney disease, diabetes, and work-related lung disease. He was put on several medications and returned to work. The kidney function and his general health failed so quickly he was placed on permanent disability 18 months later. Although he wanted to continue working, it was impossible. He had to have a triple heart bypass, and that knocked out his kidneys completely. He was on kidney dialysis for over a year. Thankfully, a relative donated a kidney and he received a transplant 4 years ago. Of course, he no longer had work health insurance. He paid for COBRA for a year, but even that is no longer available. He is now on Medicare, but that doesn't pay for much. His medicine, which includes his rejection drugs, runs about $1200 a month. Medicare pays about $300 of this. He is ineligible for state aid because the state says he has too much money coming in from disability. They don't look at what is going out every month to pay for medicine, doctor visits, and past hospital bills. We have even had a doctor ask why he even had the kidney transplant if we were going to have trouble paying for the necessary rejection drugs. I helped as much as I could, working 2 jobs, until I also became disabled last year. Because of his diabetes, he has lost most of his teeth in the past 2 years. He is unable to eat most foods because of this, and certainly unable to enjoy what he does manage to eat. He is desperately in need of a dentist who can make him a set of dentures. We need one who is willing to take small monthly payments. We are in the Chicago area. I was hopeful, that after his transplant, things would get better. We are thankful for all our blessings, including the successful transplant , which we thank God for every day, but it is hard for me to see him suffer with his teeth, and be unable to help. He has gone through so much in the past 8 years, I'd like to see him at least be able to eat normally again. Please help if you are able. God bless you for reading this!

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About Ineedhelpplease

Hi All! I too am in need of dentures. My self image is gone and my life has changed so much because of this! I was abused in my marriage and then when I left I had to put my daughters health and dental care first! Now, they are grown and their father never paid child support or his half of their dental and health bills. So, I just want my life back and to feel good about myself again. Thanks for listening. It is comforting to know I am not alone in this! Good Luck to everybody. Anyone who wants to talk just let me know? I am always happy to meet new people.    Missy                                        

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I need dental help in getting false teeth.

I am a 32 year old mom who works at home as a call center agent, and I have a beautiful 3 year old daughter. I am a normal outgoing person (well I was in my 20's) but I have dental problems that started from my teenage years with aneroxia norvosa and a family history of south teeth. My grandmother had soft teeth, and so did my dad,  and they both had false teeth. It looks in my my thirties the same is going for me.

 Now all I do is sit at home, I hardly ever go outside the house, only to get food and supplies. I am basicly a recluse, and I hate being this way. I mean i accept that i need dentures, but is there a any references that help low income parents in their thirties for dental treatment here in Ga? I just go over flu like infection two days ago from an abcess front tooth. I just need some direction where to go or some infomation where to call. I live in Byron, Ga.

 Thank you for you time,

 Gina Taylor 



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curious DJ  

curious DJ

Disabled and Desperate For Dental Care Assistance in Tennessee

I have been disabled for 15 years and have a very complex medical situation.  I have been searching for assistance obtaining dental care.  I need the remainder of my teeth pulled and need to get false teeth.  My state offers free dental services through the local Health Department, but they only offer this service to relatively healthy people.  So as I have in many circumstances throughout the years, I once again slip through the cracks in the system.  I cannot get my teeth fixed ie. root canals, bridges etc... due to my medical situation.  My disease processes have made my teeth equal to a person in thier eithties so they must go.  Other sources of help in my area also will not take the risk of serving medically fragile.  I am between a rock in a hard place and in addition to my "ussual pain"  I have to cope with pain from at least 6 teeth. 

I have a morphine pump, use Fentanyl patches and take many oral medications.  Since Tennessee dropped disabled people off thier Tenncare roles I have to take more money than I can spare to cover medical co-pays and deductibles.  Medicare supplements would cost me more than I make in Social Security Disability.  If I were pregnant (which would be a medical impossibility) or still had children at home I would be covered in Tennessee.  I understand why our government needs to help the children but it is somehow missing the boat when it rewards having children and leaves out disabled people.  I need help!  My teeth have been deteriorating for years and until the last few years I had them repaired or pulled but now I have too few to save and too many causing pain.  Fillings would never last long due to my medical problems, and as mentioned I can not get root canals.  I desperately need at least 6 teeth pulled, and would love to be able to get dentures.

My Medical History;  Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome x's 21 years, Heart Arithmia and other heart problems, Hoshimotos Hypothyroiditus w/ nodules and goiter (so far benign), TMJ, Migraines, severe back degeneration w/ curvature, Epileptic Myoclonus, osteo arthritus, history of Morphine pump.

If anyone knows of how I might find assistance and/or a dentist who will greatly reduce his/her cost please let me know.


Desperately Yours In TN,

DJ Bloxson


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